Some of the new Web 2.0 based web applications that I could get my hands on 

1. Email on the web
A superb website, which allows us to send the entire webpage on email to anybody. Makes use of the google account (so you need to have one mandatorily) and it sends email enclosing the entire web page content removing all unnecessary ads and pop ups. There is no attachment to the email and so it cannot be removed by any firewall.

Check this out - 

The interface has to be improvised a lot, but the functionality is worth it. 

2. Temporary Inbox

Use this website to generate a temporary Inbox id, without any registration. This temporary Inbox ID can be used for any registration purpose without being hit by SPAM. Also this site will allow you to see the email, using the temporary Email ID.

If you look at the right top side, you have one temporary Email ID, which will be generated everytime you refresh this page. Use this temporary ID for any registration and then you can discard it :-)

Still on the development I guess, and they are planning to offer more features.

3. Shahi - A Visual Dictionary

This is a perfect mashup application which pulls the data from Dictionary, Flicker, Google and Yahoo Images. So if you search for a word, you get the meaning, a sentence as well as Images corresponding to them.

4. Yola - A quick Website builder.

I was pretty impressed with the features being offered by Yola. I can add any Google or other gadgets, add youtube videos to my Site. I can host the site free as well I can get a paid domain site. Check this site out which I developed in 10 mins flat.. without having any content in mind.

5. Bantora - Another innovative Start up

This site looks forward to being a single shop for all the event information across the world. Any event that happens, if it gets registered here,  every body wud get notified and the event gets widespread publicity for free. Not only the location of event, but we get Map of the event location as well (courtesy mashup from Google maps).

Check this site for more details. Nothing very interesting to see here now, but I hope it shapes up into a fine site in future.

Well folks, that is all I have for now. Will catch up with ya guys next time .. See ya :-)

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