A Introduction to ME

Born with an inquisitive mind, I have always had this problem of trying to understand why things happen they way they happen. This desire has always moved me from right from start (as far as I remember).. beginning with understanding basic fundas of nature to science and then people. It has been an interesting journey with all possible highs and lows.

Known for expressing my thoughts through indirect means.. I was an ardent painter and pencil sketcher during my childhood days..(from Class I to Class IX).. Amazingly, after class IX I felt scared to lift that pencil or brush again.. I guess that era of mine had ended and something new was waiting for me ..

Beginning of a new Era in my Life:
My mind wanders around to imagine the interesting things happening across the globe. Web has been an interesting companion to me in this journey. Beginning with design & development of Web Site was my beginning into the Web(2000-01). Besides just the web, Started coding in C/C++ and then moved to JAVA, always had a keen interest in telecom technologies - CDMA/GSM. But it is not just the technical stuff that pulls me, its beyond that.. the quest for knowing more and more abt the world has kept me intact with this virtual world. The emergence of Web 2.0 has only propelled my interest further...Now, I express my thoughts/emotions through Blogs..

My interests are no longer limited to tech stuff.. they include Project Management as well... Had prepared a Business Plan for TATA Business Leadership award, which was selected out of 250 entries across TATA group.. WON a Young Manager's award for the year 2008 in an inter-corporate competition organized by Madras Management Association..and the series goes on to.. and won the TATA Innovista Award at 2009.

Have been working on my skill to be able to manage multiple projects/assignments together and ensure they are being driven to success. Leveraging the key project management fulcrums - Delegation, Communication, effective risk & cost management and coupling them with technology & innovation  ensures the project is being delivered at the right cost and on schedule.

If you wanna know more about me, read my blogs (Check the above animated images)..
and check out my web-site http://itheaven.8m.com/ (sorry it is not up to date). 
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Anonymous said...

u need to work on the itheaven site. Also, post ur updated resume.

< mainframe > said...

dude i agree with co-commenters. You are losing focus. Basically the interest to read blogs is getting diluted. Focus on one area only

Anonymous said...

Hey great blogs.. I like it.. Lets start discussion news techs and non-tech things happening around...

and please correct my name's spelling it's Anuvrat not Anuvrath.. U always misspell it stupid.

Anonymous said...

hey! more updates!